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it stands for intuitive technology:
technology that understands what you need, gets out of the way, and allows you to do what you do best.


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The Peach Pub Company needed a telecoms and IT infrastructure that worked. An agile and intuitive technology suite was needed to deliver reliable technology to some very rural (and beautiful) Pubs . Peach now has 17 Pubs and hotels, and we continue to work together, delivering new technology across their estate. Peach win awards for their amazing food, staff and culture. doetaylor is their technology company of choice.

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44 and counting.... We are proud to have designed and built the technology suite for every single Jamie's Italian restaurant in the UK. Our experienced network cablers have installed 363,000 meters of shielded cat 5 cable, over 1000 CCTV cameras, 300 WIFI points, 400 telephones. When you serve more than 13,000 meals a day, dependable technology is essential to running an efficient and consistent operation.

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Dishoom are just about the coolest bunch of people we know. The food, and the queues outside speak for themselves. As does their free WIFI service "ChaiFi". It's some of the fastest WIFI around check it out next time you're tucking in to a ‘ruby' at Dishoom. What you won't see is the actual tech, our doetaylor WIFI socks camouflage the WIFI access points . LEDs and aerials look a bit conspicuous in a 1960's Bombay cafe!


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